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Meet The Chef

    Being a native to San Antonio, Texas, Kara has always been enticed by the local Texican culture that permeated the cuisine of her young life. As she spread her wings, she followed that essence south of the border where she spent many years in Mexico and Central America studying the plant medicines and delicious cuisine of the various regions she visited. Inspired by witnessing how these cultures used their “food as medicine”, she became a Certified Herbalist at the Rocky Mountain Center of Botanical Medicine in 1999, and a Certified Nutritionist through the American Health Sciences University in 2003.


    In 2009, while practicing as a nutritional consultant, some of her clients heard of her passion for cooking as she mentioned she was working with Chef Jesse Griffiths of Austin restaurant Dai Due. Out of requests from her clients she began offering private chef services making meals specific to the nutritional protocols which she recommends. Now nine years into her culinary career, she runs Foundation Culinary, offering prepared meals delivered to your door, catering services for intimate dinners and large parties, cooking classes for individuals and groups, and nutritional consultations.


    Kara continues to passionately study food and enjoys all the pleasures of serving and eating it. She received a Bachelor of General Agriculture in May of 2018 from Texas State University, and currently works to spread knowledge about sustainable agriculture to local food producers.


She enjoys foraging wild edibles and hunting game for food, butchery, food cultivation, writing about food, and cooking a wide array of cuisines. Her diverse experience ensures that her services will fulfill your culinary needs whether it be nourishing meals specific to your health needs or a decadent spread for a celebratory gathering.


FC Catered Menu

A Sample of a Six-Course
Anniversary Dinner for Two

Hamachi Crudo with Russian Pesto, Yuzu-Dashi Vinaigrette,

Avocado, Creme Fraiche, and Potato Croquettes 


Coffee-Rubbed Beef Carpaccio

with Juniper-Tarragon Vinaigrette and Crispy Shallots


Tomato, Fresh Shelling beans, and Cucumber Salad

with House-Made Burrata and Olive Oil Crackers

Shrimp and Saffron Bisque Soup

Duck Confit with Parmesan Crusted Eggplant

 and Herbed Ricotta Dumplings in Rich Tomato Sauce


Lemon, Olive Oil, Almond Cake Topped with Fig Preserves,

Mint, Vanilla Whipped Cream, and Toasted Almonds



I took my first venture into the private chef world, not knowing where I was going. I knew I wanted something different than a nice meal at one of ATX’s great restaurants. I was referred to Chef Kara. After the initial phone call, I immediately felt comfortable with her approach. She listened to my plans for our 10th anniversary, which required her flexibility working around our timing. Also, I had some special wines I wanted to uncork that night, and she suggested a menu after taking the time to consult with sommelier. Kara created multiple course selections, which she allowed me to choose from for our special evening. I loved the way she stayed in touch as the day approached.


Her arrival was seamless, as she converted our kitchen into her gourmet kitchen. Terri, my wife, was perplexed when she saw a woman in chef’s attire prepping our meal. Yet, her confusion turned to delight, when she realized we would celebrate our anniversary in our own home on this special night.


Kara service was seamless and intuitive to our needs. Kara left our kitchen cleaner than when she found it. We were grateful she left behind the scents of a wonderful evening that will remain as a favorite memory for the rest of our lives. If you are considering a private chef experience, you should have already called Kara. Even better than the food, was Kara's company. We were thrilled with Foundation Culinary's 5 STAR Service! - Russell Floyd, Austin, TX

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Tel: 512-567-5206 |  Email: Kara@KaraKroeger.com


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